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Versatile Blogger Award Nominee

Wow, I am a Versatile Blogger Award Nominee!! This is a great honor.

This shows that i am actually doing something right. Yaay!! lol.

A big thank you goes to Abbey for nominating me for this award. Thank you so much. You can reach her at this link

The aim of my blog is to just to make help bloggers around the world achieve their dreams in blogging but providing all the tech support that any blogger will need to reach their goal.

My blog posts includes web design for bloggers, branding for bloggers and business owners, search engine optimization, digital marketing, google analytics, social media design etc.

For someone who is yet to actually write a lot on what I propose my blog is about. I am very grateful to be a nominee.

I started my blog with so much fear because I thought I didn’t have anything to say or that people will not appreciate my work.

This has really been a great motivation for me to keep doing what I am doing and not give up just yet. Thank you so much!!!

The rules says I have to tell the nominator 7 things about me.

Okay here we go;

  1. My Full name is Agbolabori Pelumi Moses
  2. May is my birth month.
  3. I love listening to music
  4. I love designing websites both for fun and professionally.
  5. The internet is my home i need help lol.
  6. Playing game is what i love to do, i am just a little bit chilled now lol.
  7. My vision is to help bloggers achieve their dreams and people should know me for it.

The Rules also says I nominate 15 bloggers. Here we go


  1. Abbey, my best blogger at the moment very supportive and self motivated at
  2. Chana Bush all the way from Instagram always tagging me lol. Thanks.She is at
  3. Buzzworld at i love their work and effort on twitter
  4. The Clique at great work on twitter too
  5. TheBloggersPost. Very active and supportive on twitter
  6. BloggingBeesRT. Good and Hardworking
  7. Bethany Lauren, shes very good at what she does.
  8. Blogger Love Share, Hardworking and supportive on twitter
  9. Ell// BossGirlBloggers
  10. BlogAdda, they are really great on Instagram i love thier work at
  11. Jess
  12. Yvonne at a passionate christian blogger
  13. ruxandra soare at
  14. The prepping wife at
  15. BeardedIgor Blogs athttp://
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New year, new me – or whatever🚶

Keeping to your new year resolutions

Hey guys, a happy new year to y’all🎊🎊.

It’s the first day of the year,and am sure as usual we’ve prepared and made notes of our yearly new year resolutions. You probably have written down what you think /know you should work on before the next year. Now my question for you is this; would your zeal for this resolution last till the next month?

Now personally I have never made a new year resolution, I rather have thoughts of things I should work on. Am guessing some of y’all are wondering, isn’t that a new year resolution? Well to me it’s not cause I make no commitment to achieving it. But I rather make a conscious effort to try to be the best version of myself without putting unnecessary pressure on myself .

But hey,that’s my own personal ish and it has worked for me. But, for you guys who sincerely make new year resolutions with the intention to keep them and finally cross it off your life list. I am here for you , so sit back and let’s go through this together.

I am sure most of us have always wondered why our resolutions never see the day of light. Fine we might go through with them for probably the first two months or less or more but we never seem to actually see it through to the end or even accomplish it.

Setting new year goals and actually achieving them.

  • Most of us make the mistake of setting goals without a plan . It isn’t about making the resolutions but having a plan that ll help you achieve a goal. Don’t try to achieve it all at once, break it down into smaller portions and set a small daily or weekly goal that ll bring you closer to achieving the dream goal. It all begins with small steps.
  • Me,myself and I: does that sound familiar yea that’s what we have in mind when we make our new year resolutions. Well this really isn’t so bad , but then making resolution will be more successful if we can have a group being us.

Goals like losing weight ,attending the gym and learning a new skill ll be better if we get people that share the same zeal we have this will inspire us to do more and more. Move with people who’re better and know more about you -this will push you to do better. But then avoid negative and toxic people whose intention is to bring you down and discourage you.

XXL(extra extra large) goals: You cannot keep making larger than life goals to achieve within a short time ,this will just lead to disappointment. Start from smaller goals that will lead to the big one. Don’t go straight to the biggest goal . Take it step by step and day by day. You don’t conquer a mountain form the top but you have to start from the bottom to get to the top.

Abbey 2019
  • One of the greatest mistakes you’re most probably making is giving up too easily, once you face a series of roadblock on your path to achieving your goals you drop it all and you just give up.

Your ability to strive on in the face of obstacles and things that are purposed to bring you down, makes you and builds you ingot he person you are meant to be.

Abbey 2019
  • The two most important factors are; time and money . How we wish we can just control the time -something like the time -jerker⏰. Well wishes are not horses, so we’ve to make use of what we have. Your ability to achieve your goals depends on your ability to manage your time effectively. As well as your finances, sometimes we try to overspend to achieve our goals . For example you want to lose weight,you can do this without breaking the bank and nope you mustn’t go to the gym ,try and stick to less expensive ways to achieve your goals❤
  • Set achievable goals; most of us make goals that are not achievable by any standards. Set smaller realisable goals and achieve it, this will give confidence for you to face and achieve other bigger ones.
  • Lack of self confidence; most of us put too much pressure on ourselves, that we fail to see our own progress. We fail to congratulate ourselves for our own progress.
  • We keep comparing our progress with that of others and degrade our own achievements. This shouldn’t be, be confident and happy with whatever progress you make. Congratulate yourself and give yourself a pat on the back.

With this few tips ,I know you’re sure to have a better and more productive year❤.

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How are we here again already? The time of the year when nobody knows what day it is. We’re hanging in that limbo between Christmas Day and January 1st. And everywhere we turn there is the “New Year, New You” message being thrust in our faces . Whether it’s a diet or detox you need to try, a slimming club to join, an exercise class you should sign up to, a new skincare regime blah blah blah. It’s not an original concept. We are bombarded with it every single December.

And whilst I’m not saying that any of the products/experiences being pedalled aren’t wonderful; I am a little uneasy with the suggestion that “Old You” is not enough. “Old You” needs to better her/himself to have a more successful or happy 2019. Perhaps, when this isn’t your first rodeo, you don’t feel too affected by it. Perhaps you roll your eyes, sit back and feel content that you’ll be the exact same person you’ve always been; and you’re happy with that. But if, however, you are someone who is feeling vulnerable.

If you are a young person, a person suffering from anxiety or depression, a person who maybe isn’t feeling that great about yourself. The “New Year, New You” message can feel so very personal. It’s talking to you. It’s targeting you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve survived the most difficult year of your life in 2018. It doesn’t matter if you achieved wonderful things. You still need to be better. You still need to bring more to the table.

I’m not immune, I’m not pretending to be. I’ve felt and succumbed to that pressure year after year and do you know what…… It’s bollocks. Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh.  If you’re opting to improve something in your life in 2019 that is going to make you grow as a person then hell yes! I’m all for that. Learn to meditate, read more, do a course, learn something new. But do it because you want to. When it comes to diet culture, health, food, physical appearance – steer clear! Don’t fall in to the trap of needing to completely reinvent yourself. You don’t need an upgrade. You don’t need to be a shinier version of 2018 you.

The advertising giants aren’t suggesting things to you because they care about YOU. They care about £££££. So instead of encouraging this “strive for a quick fix”, for “new found excellence”, for a “New You” in the space of a couple of months. How about we focus on a new sense of self love, self worth, self healing – for the you that you are right now. The you that is enough. The you that has always been enough. How about we change it up to “New year, new you loving you.”


Clean up your social media

I don’t believe we need to completely cleanse social media from our lives to be happy. Small steps. Unfollow or mute the people who don’t make you feel good about yourself. Perhaps that’s the body obsessed folks who are constantly talking diets or exercise regimes. Perhaps it’s those who insist on only posting picture perfect images from the highlight reel of their lives. Maybe it’s just someone who always seems to be focusing on the negatives. You don’t need that. Any of that. Fill your feeds and timeline with people and things that inspire you.

Find your natural high – and do more of that

Do you have that one thing that makes you feel alive? The thing that sets your soul on fire. A hobby, a skill, a pastime…. whatever it may be, this is where we need to banking our hours. For me it’s a few things. Photography primarily. It’s not just my job, it’s my passion and doing it makes me feel all tingly to the tips of my toes.

In 2018 I also re-discovered my love of the written word and therefore I’m planning to set aside more time to just sit and read in 2019. In fact I’m attempting to read 52 books in total, yep… a book a week. It’s not really about the number of course. It’s actually just about prioritising self care and making more time for me. Fancy taking on your own reading challenge? Hop over to The Master List of Reading Challenges where there are an abundance. All I can say is good luck choosing.

For my physical and mental wellbeing, I’m getting back in to yoga and learning more about mediation. All good things, for body and soul. But no pressure, no time lines, no “must be this by then.” Just re-devoting time to something I enjoy doing and something that will help me to grow.

Love the body you’re in – right now

Not half a stone lighter, not cleansed, not detoxed – but right now. Your body allows you to do so many incredible things. It’s the only home you’ll ever truly have. Every scar, every freckle, every dimple – it makes you you. You were born a blank canvas and now your body tells your own unique story. That’s so beautiful when you think about it. You deserve to care for you now. And yes, health is important. I’m not saying don’t try to be healthier. But realise that making healthy decisions for our bodies is actually kindness. We can do what’s best for our general well-being through being kind and gentle with ourselves.

I’ve previously written about the “Body Neutrality” movement and in 2019 that’s where I will be attempting to root my body image focus. This body, the one I have inflicted so much upon, is carrying me in to another new year. It deserves to be celebrated for that alone. I owe it this change, this chance, to just appreciate it for all it does. I encourage you all to do the same, to take this idea that “how a body looks is the most important thing” and to tackle it head on. Nothing but good can come from this.

Be Thankful

Have we been conditioned to be serial complainers? Whether it’s that we hate our jobs. We don’t make enough money, aren’t pretty/handsome enough, don’t have the perfect body. Our family drive us nuts. We can’t get a decent match on Tinder? It’s the sad but honest truth that we often tend to focus on the negatives in our lives. And whilst wallowing in our woes it’s so very easy to forget just how many wonderful things we have. It’s a proven fact that practicing gratitude has many health benefits; both psychologically and physicallyGrateful people sleep better, grateful people have reduced levels of toxic emotions, grateful people experience fewer aches and pains. You can find out more about the science behind these benefits in this Psychology Today UK article.

So how do we start? There are no rules. Perhaps you just have a gratitude journal where you write down something you’re thankful for each day. Maybe it’s that you practice mindfulness. You could choose one day of the week to not complain about anything. You could focus on expressing thanks for the little things that people do, whether that’s family, friends or the barista who serves you your coffee. Quite simply, you could smile more. There are many ways to start filtering more gratitude in to your life and it can really only have a positive impact.

So to summarise. New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be these huge, restrictive, unrealistic goals. You don’t need to change the very essence of who you are to have a better 2019. Step away from the “New Year, New You” propaganda and focus only on goal setting. On welcoming things in to your life that will simply bring joy, not envy, not self hatred, not punishments, not comparisons or the sense of failure. Spend time with the people who matter. Forgive those who have hurt you. Go easy on yourself and carve out the time to pursue your passions. And be the example. Show others that there’s another option. That there can be a “new year, new you loving you.”

Wishing you all a most wonderful 2019 of being the incredible, imperfect you.

Beth Anne xoxo


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Christmas thoughts anyone? Is it actually all fun and food and family!!

Am sure most of us dread moments like this😧

So, Christmas has come and gone but for some this Christmas has left them even worse off than before. Am sure we’re all thinking 🤔 that’s impossible right? After all Christmas is a time of fun,family and food ,let’s not forget the drinks 🍸as well. It’s a time most of us dedicate to loved ones both family and friends alike. But then for some Christmas tends to leave a bitter taste in their mouth that will most probably last till the next 365days of the new year.

Now here is a scenario you might be familiar with, there’s a variety of food and drinks and you’re ready to dig in and just have a good time, but a discussion comes up about what everyone has been up to during the year.

1.Your brother just graduated or ended the semester with amazing grades.

2.Sister has probably got a new job and she is receiving cool cash.

3. Cousin just did her engagement and looking forward to his/her wedding.

4. Your aunt is having a baby but then another of your cousin just bought a new car and just moved into a new apartment.

Everyone is so busy narrating how much fun they have had ,how much they have grown, the numerous wonderful expectations of the next year, but no one notices YOU who hasn’t made any contributions so far.

What you might be thinking of!!

If your thoughts are influenced by the achievements or the perception of others about you ,then the problem isn’t them but rather your lack of appreciation for your own achievements. No matter how small they might be.


The thought of the different scars littering your body from all the cuts you’ve inflicted, all the time you’ve thought of ending it all(maybe it’ll be better that way), you think back on the job(s) lost, the failing grades,the poor academic results, the lack of promotion at work, the broken hearts, the inability to pay rent or even buy fuel for your car(if you bought one), the divorce, the abuse and victimization.

After cracking your brain a little bit you still cannot think of anything which you should be proud of except of course still been alive counts as an achievement. Thinking to the depression you’ve fought with throughout the year, you look back to the amount of friends you’ve lost during the year, the betrayals you’ve felt and have been subjected to during the year , the loved ones you’ve lost during the year with or without an opportunity to say goodbye.

All these weighs deep on your heart. Looking around the room you see the smiles on everyone’s face,the joy they all exude as they chit chat during the meal of their “dream perfect life”. What else can you do ,but to put up a strong front and join in, you laugh louder than everyone else in the room, you chip in here and there in each discussion.

You just don’t want to ruin a perfect celebration with tour imperfect life. But then, I am here to let you know that those perceived imperfections, those awful events, those hurtful events all these summed together proves that more than anyone witted in that room you’re a survivor, you must not have it all together.

It’s ok to be confused, out of sorts, abnormal, depressed, sad,anxious and just weighed down. But it’s how to take charge of this situation and turn it into something positive, all this negative events should serve as a driving force to push you to greater heights and greater thoughts. It’s when faced with challenges we are able to tap into our own intelligence and bring forth solutions we never imagined possible.

Instead of sitting on that table feeling bad and all gloomy, refuse to be weighed down by other people’s reality, no need to put up a facade to please or fit into societal or family standards, it might not be easy but then trying to be what you’re not does greater harm than good .

The fact remains that you’re not like the facade you put up, you are unique and you need to tap into your potential and rise up and roar like a lion that you’re and refuse to sit back and watch life move you but rather begin to move life itself ,begin to move in the strength of your vision and potential.

So hey ,the Christmas thought of 2018, don’t always move in the direction life pulls you into ,but rather fight through it and create your own direction and ultimate destination. You have one life to live,don’t live it in facade. Go out get that degree, quit that job you don’t like and go apply for your dream job, don’t lower your standards for anyone they either meet up or step off. 2019 is here and I really do care, I refuse to limit myself or my abilities.

I choose ; to take care of mental health and protect my peace and happiness above all things, to surround myself with people and things that seek to bring out only the best in me without the negative pressure.

I choose ; to not be too hard on myself , to push myself to the limit of my greatness but not push myself beyond my limits both emotionally and physically, to not limit myself to societal standards but to rise above all of that to prove that of a fact been different is the new cool❤

❤ I hope this helps you through the new year.

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15+ Holiday Blog Post Ideas

Hey Blogger, how’s the holiday moving? It’s possible you have already been cooking up holiday blog posts for your blog. I have decided to make this easy with my list of holiday blog post ideas.

This holiday blog post ideas will be useful for you as a Blogger, no matter your niche. If you are a fashion Blogger, beauty Blogger, lifestyle Blogger, music Blogger, entertainment Blogger, whatever kind of Blogger you are, these holiday blog post ideas will provide a good content plan for you.

1. New Years Eve Outfit Ideas

This will suit you the most if you are a fashion Blogger. Share with your blog readers, what you plan to wear on New year’s eve. You can also share with them ideas on what they can wear for the new years eve.

You can even share a late post, well after the new year on what you wore for a New Year’s Eve dinner.

Topic ideas

1. What I wore for New Year’s Eve
2. Steller ideas on what to wear for New Year’s Eve
3. New Year’s Eve outfit ideas
4. All Black New Year’s Eve Inspo
5. How to revamp your last New Year’s Eve outfit for this year.
6. Best colour combinations for New Year’s Eve

2. Favorite holiday songs

You can prepare a list of songs that you love to have on your phone for Christmas. This is also an excellent holiday blog post idea for music Bloggers. Music Bloggers can prepare a holiday mix for their blog readers.

Topic Ideas

1. My top 10 favorite holiday songs
2. Special holiday mix
3. My Favorite Christmas Songs
4. New Music: holiday song releases
5. Songs to listen to this holiday

3. Holiday wish list

What would you love to have the most this holiday season? Write a post on your wish list this holiday season. You can also urge your blog readers to share with you their wish lists too. It would definitely be fun to read a list of what your blog readers fancy the most.

Topic Ideas

1. My Holiday wish list
2. What’s your holiday wish list?

4. Favorite holiday movies

What movies do you never get tired of seeing during the holidays? Share the list with your blog readers. This is also a superb holiday blog post idea for Movie Bloggers.

You can share a compilation of movies showing this holiday season, their movie trailers and what they should expect.

Topic ideas

1. Top cinema movies this season
2. Movies I watch every holiday
3. My best holiday movie list
4. What to watch this season
5. Our top 10 all-time favorite holiday movies

5. Favorite holiday activities

What do you love to do most during the holidays? I personally love to go out to the beach or see a movie with friends.

If you are in Lagos, I have reviewed a few beaches for you, you can click on each to check them out and compare.

Elegushi beach
Oniru beach
Lekki leisure lake
Santa Cruz beach

Topic ideas

1. My Holiday beach experience
2. What I don’t miss during the holidays

6. New year goals

What are your plans for the new year? This holiday blog idea is one of the most popular ones for the festive season.

Let your blog readers have a peek into what the new year is about to look like.

Topic ideas

1. My New year goals
2. Last year in retrospect
3. What’s your new year going to be like?

7. Holiday food recipes

No serious food Blogger misses this post. I see a lot of food Bloggers developing and writing really awesome food content for the holidays.

Create an easy, interesting or really new food recipe to share with your readers and fans this holiday season.

Topic ideas

1. Slow cooking recipes for the holidays
2. Recipe revamp!
3. Best dishes for breakfast this holiday
4. Healthy meals to make this holiday

8. Holiday gift ideas

Whether it is how to wrap gifts for the holidays or last minute gift ideas or gift ideas for loved ones, pick any of them and share on your blog.

If you like, you might give examples of gifts that you have shared in times past with people during the holiday period.

Topic ideas

1. Holiday gift ideas for your boyfriend/girlfriend
2. Last minute gift wrapping styles
3. Affordable gift shops in (state, area, country)
4. Online gift shops to buy holiday gifts from
5. Secret Santa gift ideas

9. What you love the most about the holidays

Well, if you ask me, I love the harmattan the most during the holidays. The smell of harmattan is so calming and beautiful. It always reminds me of previous holidays. Beautiful memories flood my head at the first smell of harmattan.

You can also decide to share what you love the most about Christmas/New year or Thanksgiving holidays.

Topic ideas

1. What I love most about Christmas
2. Favourite New year traditions I love

10. Holiday bucket list ideas

What have you been dying to do the whole year? What would you love to do before the end of the year or this new year? Share your bucket list with your blog readers.

Topic ideas

1. My holiday bucket list ideas
2. What do you want to do before the end of this year?
3. Top 10 bucket list ideas for the holidays

11. Holiday travel

I told one of my Blogger friends who mentioned that she would be going to Sweden to not forget to develop as many ideas as possible for her blog. Don’t waste your holiday travel fun.

Create content out of it for your readers. Share pictures, exciting moments and notable places they can see when they get to the destination. Be as resourceful and fun as possible.

Topic Ideas

1. My xyz travel experience
2. Places I plan to visit the holiday
3. My holiday travel bucket list
4. What you should know about xyz
5. Places to visit in xyz during the holidays
6. Where to eat during the holidays in xyz
7. Tips to visiting xyz for the first time.

12. Holiday discount list

Where do you normally shop during the holidays? Do you know any discount or holiday steals? Have a promo code to share?

Let your blog readers share in the shopping excitement this season. Ask them to list online giveaway, discount or promo stops for others to check out too.

Topic ideas

1. My favorite holiday discount shops
2. Where to buy holiday items for cheap
3. Giveaway prices you don’t want to miss
4. Where to shop this Christmas/New Year

13. Your best holiday gift ever

Share your best holiday gift with your readers. This is a very exciting holiday blog post idea as you can urge your readers to share with you their own best holiday gifts ever.

Topic ideas

1. Best holiday gift I have ever received
2. Best gifts to give anyone this season
3. Compilation of best gifts for anyone
4. Best holiday gift unwrap (video)

14. What the holiday means to you

Whether it is Christmas or Easter or New Year or Valentine’s Day, what do they mean to you. Share with your readers the importance of this special season. How much has it impacted on you year in year out. Would you celebrate the holidays if there were no gift exchange or anything associated with them?

Topic ideas

1. The meaning of Christmas
2. What Easter means to me
3. Jesus’ birth and its significance today
4. Why Christmas means a lot to me
5. Why Christmas means so much to me

15. Holiday thankfulness

Share with your readers what you are thankful for this season. What are you happy about? What would you like to be publicly grateful for? You can even begin a 30 Day thankfulness series before the start of the holiday.

Topic ideas

1. 30 Days of Thanksgiving
2. 10 Things I am grateful for this season

16. Holiday hairstyles

This is a great holiday blog post idea for hair bloggers. You can share an easy tutorial for your hair enthusiasts.

Topic Ideas

1. Fabulous holiday hairstyles
2. Easy hairstyles to try this holiday

17. Favorite Hangout places

Apart from the beach and some other popular travel destinations, some notable places are worth sharing about this holiday.

Restaurants, parks, malls and nice hangouts in your area or state are good places to write about this festive season.

Topic ideas

1. Top 10 places to eat this holiday
2. Romantic getaway destinations for couples

These are just 15 holiday blog post ideas, it is endless. You can either pick from any of these or find new topic ideas for your blog.

Happy Holidays!!! Source below:

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