Subscribe to our Newsletter System on Timbu

Subscribe to our Newsletter System on Timbu

The subscribe to our newsletter system on Timbu is not 100% correct. Below is the details.

Features of a newsletter system

  • The Front End Design
  • The Back End Code

The Front End Design

The front end design is working properly on a laptop, it shows the subscription form properly. Below is a screenshot. Here is the link to the page Timbu

On theb other hand, the form is not showing atall on mobile devices. Which is wrong because design should be the same for all devices. Below is a screenshot

The Back End

The Back End code seems to be working correctly because after inputting your email address and clicking on the send button you will get a code 200. 200 is a status code for okay, that is the request was received and understood and is being processed. This means the code is correct but only a developer will understand that and we are not Developing the application for developers only but for users.

Below is the message it displayed i.e the code. Here is the link to the page on Timbu

Below is a proposed solution to the problem on Timbu

The system should displays a success message as above or a failure message as below.

Thank you for allowing me to feature Timbu on Blog

About Timbu

Timbu is an online travel agency specailising in hotel bookings, flights bookings, visa bookings and study bookings all over the world. They help customers book hotel rooms online, book flights, book visas and study anyehere in the world. Visit them here Timbu

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