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Fujairah city is located in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. It is famous city of UAE because of so many reasons such as it is the most perfectly fine city in terms of economic and business activities.

Attraction for tourists:

The Fujairah Tour view has a fast developing popular tourist center. The main attractions for tourists in Fujairah include Fujairah fort and the small oasis town of Masafi. The Fujairah tour is a relaxing breath of fresh air away from the furor of the city.

East costal Emirate of UAE:

The Fujairah Tour fortify that visitors have an unforgettable time in this east coastal Emirate of the U.A.E. Located on the shore of the Indian Ocean, Fujairah City. It is rottenly suggested by plenty of travelers who come here from different places of the world to see the pristine waters and enjoy famous water sports like scuba diving.

Center of delicious, healthy and organic food:

The food of the city is also very best and multi cuisine. Most of the food is organic and we make best platter food for our guests.

Fujairah Camel Market:

Another well-known and famous place to visit in Fujairah city tour is Camel Market – an original scrambling Emirati market where you can have a brief look on different types of camels.

Pristine beach, the beauty of Fujairah City:

Another beautiful place to visit in Fujairah city tour is Pristine beach which is a magnificent and unique styled beach and it has resorts and hotels which are the best and affordable located in the Andaman Islands, in front of pristine beach.

A complete and perfect place to visit:

No matter who you are, a couple, or a planning a family trip, with your loved ones or planning a single person trip who want to go away from all worries so our company welcomes you the wonderful Fujairah city tour packages.


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How to build a wordpress website part 2

How to build your first wordpress website part 2 is a continuation of

I suggest you check out the part one before reading this.It would help you understand this post better.

If you are following from the part 1 of this post, you will notice that in the last paragraph i mentioned something on domain name and hosting.As stated in part 1 of this post, a domain name is a name you buy on the internet. While hosting is making your website live on the internet. 

That’s all you will be getting on domain name and hosting for now. To know more about them kindly subscribe to know when next the post will be up.

All being said let’s move on, To be able to buy a domain name and host your website, you have to register on one of the many hosting platforms we have on the internet. I recommend Qservers for you. Therefore, i would be using Qservers hosting platform to explain the rest of this post.

Using Qservers as a case study

The first thing you have to do is to register as a new user on Qservers website using this link Qservers .This would only take a couple of minutes

qservers registration page
registration page

Upon registration through that link,you can proceed to login into your portal.The page looks like this

qservers login page
login page

After login, you will be redirected to the dashboard.On the dashboard you will see a link DOMAINS click the link, it brings a dropdwon list.From the drop down, select DOMAIN SEARCH . View image below for better understanding.

qservers dashboard

After clicking the link, you will redirected to the search page which looks like this. On the search page, you can search for the name you will like to name your brand and see if it is available. You can choose from various extensions which includes ‘.ng’, ‘.com’, ‘’, .org’.ng’ , ‘.org’ etc.Depending on the extension you decide to choose, the price would vary.A post on domain name and its extensions will be coming soon.Subscribe to be first to get it.

search page
search page

After searching for your desired name, you should get a congratulations message if your brand name is available. As seen below


As you see from the image, the domain name ‘’ is available for N1,000 per year

The price varies depending on the extension you choose and so also is the availability of the name.

The name ‘’ is just for explanation, i didn’t purchase it.

i suggest you purchase it now before some else does through this link Qservers  and following the process from above.

After choosing your desired domain name, click on the continue button at the bottom of the page.It takes to the page below. On the new page click on ‘No Hosting!Click to add’ link and the check box ‘DNS Management’ as seen in the image below.


Clicking on that takes you the page where you can choose your desired hosting plan. C

The hosting page should look like this after redirection.

There are several hosting packages you can choose from. This includes the starter pack which goes for N350/Month and N3500/year.This package consists of 2,000Mb Web Space, 8,000 Mb Band Width, Unlimited Email accounts, Mysql and 5 subdomains. This package should enough for any business website but if you need more, you can go for the other packages; Business pack, developer pack etc.

Choosing the starter pack take you to this page.

The page above allows you to choose your preferred billing cycle which can either be monthly, quaterly , semi-annually etc. That’s totally up to you to decide how you want to be paying. After that click on the continue button. It takes you to the next page. Click on continue again. This takes you to the check out page.

After checking out and you have successfully confirmed payment your website should be ready with your chosen domain name.

Your Website details will be sent to you by the hosting provider Qservers after payment confirmation.

Thanks for following me this far. If you want to get the complete guide to set up your wordpress on your newly hosted website. Keep in touch because an e-book on how to set up wordpress on your website will be in stores soon.

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Want to start your brand?Check this.

Do you want to start your brand then you should check this.

Many people do not know what the term branding means, so i will give you a quick explanation of what the term means.

What is Branding? The term branding is the process of creating a name,symbol or design that your customers can use to distinguish you from other similar brands.


  • A NAME

A name is very important in your brand , it tells people what your business/product/service is about.

Options to consider in choosing a brand name

  • A brand name can be your name e.g Dangote Cement
  • It can describe what you do e.g Bloggers Connect
  • Your brand name can take a word out of context e.g Apple
  • It can just be a word e.g Google

Characteristics of a good brand name

  • A good brand name must be meaningful
  • A good brand name should be unique
  • It should be accessible i.e you should be able to google
  • You should be able to translate it into a visual design e.g a logo

Consider the following to choose a brand name

  • LOGO

A logo is a design or symbol that is used to represent your brand.

There are so many tools you can use to design your logo .

You can give the work to a professional graphics designer if have the money.

Charateristics of a good logo

  1. Simple; A logo should be simple enough for people to recognize and remember it after seeing it.
  2. Impacful; A logo should be impacful and pass across a message to people,it should be able to tell people what you are into at a glance.
  3. Revelant;Just as stated above a logo should be relevant to what you are doing.
  4. Versatile;A great logo should look good on any device.

Here is the logo for my website


I personally use canva to design stuffs, link here  

A post will be coming up on how to use canva to design for your brand.Stay tuned.

  • A TAGLINE; A tagline is one or two sentences that summarizes your vision and mission.For example my tagline is “Connecting Bloggers around the world together”.

Characteristics of a good tagline

  • A good tagline should be simple
  • Your tagline should explain what you are offering to your potential customers
  • It should describe who you are and what your company is about
  • Tagline should be as short as possible
  • A WEBSITE; For you to start your brand you need to have a website.Why is that? Nowadays, most businesses/brands are on the internet and everybody is the on the net. So if you want your brand to strive among others you have to put your business idea on the internet where people will easily and quickly find it.

To start Building your first wordpress website follow the link

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How to build a wordpress website Part 1

A lot people out there want to build their first wordpress website

but they do not know how to go about it

That’s why i have decided to put up this post on how i built my wordpress website.

Things you must have to build a website

  • An idea
  • Internet Connection
  • A Laptop or a Tab
  • Money

Now i am going to explain all of these in detail.

  • AN IDEA 
an idea

An idea could just mean having a brand in mind which includes having

  • A name for your brand
  • A tagline for your brand
  • A logo for your brand

A post will be coming up on branding very soon .Stay Tuned.

I think that should be enough to start your brand for now.


Obviously to put your business idea on the internet you have to be connected to the internet.There are some ways to be connected to the internet.

  • LAN(Local Area Network);you can connect
    your PC to LAN
  • Mobile HotSpot; You can connect your PC to your phone’s mobile hotspot
  • Wi-Fi;Finally you can connect your PC to a wireless network.

You can use either a laptop or tab or even a mobile phone to build your website, it all depends on how comfortable you are with the screen size. I will be sharing pictures of the PC and TAB i used to build my website.

Acer Aspire Switch 10

As you can see this is a very small laptop, so you don’t need a big laptop to build a website.You can read more about the laptop here

And for the Tab I used .This is the picture below

Also not something with a really large screen.So you can build your website with any device as long as you are comfortably with the screen size but I will advice you to make use of a PC. You can read more about the tab here


Lastly, we all know you need money to get things done.To build your website you need money to buy your brand name on the internet which is also called a domain name and also to you need money to make your website live on the internet which is also called hosting.

Continue Here

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Why is Dubai the best place for your holidays?

Dubai holidays have emerged as one of the leading world holidaymaker destination. It’s one amongst the most well-liked destinations in the world for holidays; travelers go for Dubai holidays once a year either to get pleasure from Dubai holidays shopping festivals like the foremost famous Dubai shopping festival, or culinary delights and a lot of adventure. Whether or not you’re going for your Dubai holidays together with your Family, or planning your honey moon or just wish to hang out with friends Dubai holidays is beyond any doubt the best place to spend vacation and it’s a place that make you wish to travel here once more.

Dubai holidays are one amongst the foremost exciting cities to ring in the New Year! High rise buildings, spellbinding fireworks, parties, clubbing scenes, and also the overall eclat and show makes it sizzle excitedly. Dubai holidays has become a spectacular traveler spot in recent years owing its attractive skyline, the extraordinary islands, grand shopping malls, and also the finest Dubai desert safari. However, to enjoy in Dubai holidays you wish a comfortable accommodation, and if your preference is home stays over hotels, look no more than this list of best home stays in Dubai holidays. And on your next visit to the present gem of UAE, select one in all these packages and revel in affordable luxury package like never before!

Explore the adventurous desert safari:

Have a delicious breakfast in the morning. In Dubai holidays, within the midday you will be going on the exciting Desert safari. This adventurous Dubai holidays experience includes plummeting into sand dunes on a 4×4 vehicle, camel riding, photographic opportunities, a belly dancing show, the Tanura dance show and at last a barbecue dinner with lip-smacking vegetarian and non-vegetarian food choices. In Dubai holidays, desert safari is one in all the foremost exciting and colorful ways in which to welcome the New Year. From dune bashing to sunset views to a colorful evening lined with activities like belly dance, buffet, and henna painting – travelers in their Dubai holidays will welcome the New Year within the most traditional manner with a desert safari expertise. And yes, the night is most undoubtedly lit with a fireworks celebration.

Choosing the best Dubai holiday package:

Choose for best Dubai holidays packages. We offer best Dubai holidays deals and travels packages that make your trip hassle-free. Our Dubai holidays tour packages includes best and splendid accommodation (hotels) at the middle of the town together with enticing sightseeing that make your trip or Dubai holidays an unforgettable one. Dubai holidays are a reasonable and exciting honeymoon destination too. Plan tourism; go for Dubai holidays and its numerous tourist attractions with our exclusive Dubai holidays packages. Explore Dubai with our cheap Dubai holidays packages. With us, traveler will explore the attractions of Dubai holidays during a} very problem free manner.


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God’s plan- not yours😇

images (55)

In a life full of challenges we all want attention, we all need love,we all want to be seen as beautiful or handsome,we all want to be treated as priceless by those we consider our own but the fact is that we cannot always get what we want.

We cannot always get what we deserve but we can choose who we deserve .

Some might ask “how is that possible”? You might find yourself in a situation or in relationships or in friendships where you’re not happy or fulfilled in them but you go along with it cause you feel like you can’t get anyone better. Does that ring a bell?

You go along with been the second fiddle, with been insulted ,abused,looked down on because of your own fear. You’re so scared of losing that person or people around you that you end up overlooking God’s plan for you.

God let’s you go through certain problems, certain difficulties, certain failures and even certain relationships and friendships just to prove to you that you deserve the best. He let’s you go against His own special will so as to prove his power over you,He let’s you go ahead and date that man or that woman even though He knows it’ll cause you pain and heartache at the end because He is preparing you for His special and perfect plan.

The question is that will you avail yourself for that plan or will you keep holding on to that mistake. It might be difficult, it might be heart breaking but isn’t that temporary hurt a small price to pay for a permanent and God-influenced joy ,happiness and peace.

images (54)

You might be weak but God’s strength through Jesus is manifested to take care of every weak spot. You might be lost but God’s word will serve as a light to your path and a lamp to your feet. You might be emotionally drained but God’s love will keep you. All you’ve to do is give into Him He’s God over your life ,He’s a covenant keeping God and He’ll keep his part of His covenant and help you keep yours as well. He’s Lord over all. His name is Yahweh.

I might not understand what you put there might be going through but there’s one man who understands and is ready to serve serve a shield ,a comforter, a teacher and a guide to you in every situation of life. He will never leave you or forsake you, He isn’t a man that he’ll lie,He is a covenant keeping God. He is Yahweh. Trust in Him the going might be tough but you serve a tougher God.

#bleedwordsforchrist. #christians #shalom #worldforchrist #HeisGod


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New year, new me – or whatever🚶

Keeping to your new year resolutions

Hey guys, a happy new year to y’all🎊🎊.

It’s the first day of the year,and am sure as usual we’ve prepared and made notes of our yearly new year resolutions. You probably have written down what you think /know you should work on before the next year. Now my question for you is this; would your zeal for this resolution last till the next month?

Now personally I have never made a new year resolution, I rather have thoughts of things I should work on. Am guessing some of y’all are wondering, isn’t that a new year resolution? Well to me it’s not cause I make no commitment to achieving it. But I rather make a conscious effort to try to be the best version of myself without putting unnecessary pressure on myself .

But hey,that’s my own personal ish and it has worked for me. But, for you guys who sincerely make new year resolutions with the intention to keep them and finally cross it off your life list. I am here for you , so sit back and let’s go through this together.

I am sure most of us have always wondered why our resolutions never see the day of light. Fine we might go through with them for probably the first two months or less or more but we never seem to actually see it through to the end or even accomplish it.

Setting new year goals and actually achieving them.

  • Most of us make the mistake of setting goals without a plan . It isn’t about making the resolutions but having a plan that ll help you achieve a goal. Don’t try to achieve it all at once, break it down into smaller portions and set a small daily or weekly goal that ll bring you closer to achieving the dream goal. It all begins with small steps.
  • Me,myself and I: does that sound familiar yea that’s what we have in mind when we make our new year resolutions. Well this really isn’t so bad , but then making resolution will be more successful if we can have a group being us.

Goals like losing weight ,attending the gym and learning a new skill ll be better if we get people that share the same zeal we have this will inspire us to do more and more. Move with people who’re better and know more about you -this will push you to do better. But then avoid negative and toxic people whose intention is to bring you down and discourage you.

XXL(extra extra large) goals: You cannot keep making larger than life goals to achieve within a short time ,this will just lead to disappointment. Start from smaller goals that will lead to the big one. Don’t go straight to the biggest goal . Take it step by step and day by day. You don’t conquer a mountain form the top but you have to start from the bottom to get to the top.

Abbey 2019
  • One of the greatest mistakes you’re most probably making is giving up too easily, once you face a series of roadblock on your path to achieving your goals you drop it all and you just give up.

Your ability to strive on in the face of obstacles and things that are purposed to bring you down, makes you and builds you ingot he person you are meant to be.

Abbey 2019
  • The two most important factors are; time and money . How we wish we can just control the time -something like the time -jerker⏰. Well wishes are not horses, so we’ve to make use of what we have. Your ability to achieve your goals depends on your ability to manage your time effectively. As well as your finances, sometimes we try to overspend to achieve our goals . For example you want to lose weight,you can do this without breaking the bank and nope you mustn’t go to the gym ,try and stick to less expensive ways to achieve your goals❤
  • Set achievable goals; most of us make goals that are not achievable by any standards. Set smaller realisable goals and achieve it, this will give confidence for you to face and achieve other bigger ones.
  • Lack of self confidence; most of us put too much pressure on ourselves, that we fail to see our own progress. We fail to congratulate ourselves for our own progress.
  • We keep comparing our progress with that of others and degrade our own achievements. This shouldn’t be, be confident and happy with whatever progress you make. Congratulate yourself and give yourself a pat on the back.

With this few tips ,I know you’re sure to have a better and more productive year❤.

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How are we here again already? The time of the year when nobody knows what day it is. We’re hanging in that limbo between Christmas Day and January 1st. And everywhere we turn there is the “New Year, New You” message being thrust in our faces . Whether it’s a diet or detox you need to try, a slimming club to join, an exercise class you should sign up to, a new skincare regime blah blah blah. It’s not an original concept. We are bombarded with it every single December.

And whilst I’m not saying that any of the products/experiences being pedalled aren’t wonderful; I am a little uneasy with the suggestion that “Old You” is not enough. “Old You” needs to better her/himself to have a more successful or happy 2019. Perhaps, when this isn’t your first rodeo, you don’t feel too affected by it. Perhaps you roll your eyes, sit back and feel content that you’ll be the exact same person you’ve always been; and you’re happy with that. But if, however, you are someone who is feeling vulnerable.

If you are a young person, a person suffering from anxiety or depression, a person who maybe isn’t feeling that great about yourself. The “New Year, New You” message can feel so very personal. It’s talking to you. It’s targeting you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve survived the most difficult year of your life in 2018. It doesn’t matter if you achieved wonderful things. You still need to be better. You still need to bring more to the table.

I’m not immune, I’m not pretending to be. I’ve felt and succumbed to that pressure year after year and do you know what…… It’s bollocks. Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh.  If you’re opting to improve something in your life in 2019 that is going to make you grow as a person then hell yes! I’m all for that. Learn to meditate, read more, do a course, learn something new. But do it because you want to. When it comes to diet culture, health, food, physical appearance – steer clear! Don’t fall in to the trap of needing to completely reinvent yourself. You don’t need an upgrade. You don’t need to be a shinier version of 2018 you.

The advertising giants aren’t suggesting things to you because they care about YOU. They care about £££££. So instead of encouraging this “strive for a quick fix”, for “new found excellence”, for a “New You” in the space of a couple of months. How about we focus on a new sense of self love, self worth, self healing – for the you that you are right now. The you that is enough. The you that has always been enough. How about we change it up to “New year, new you loving you.”


Clean up your social media

I don’t believe we need to completely cleanse social media from our lives to be happy. Small steps. Unfollow or mute the people who don’t make you feel good about yourself. Perhaps that’s the body obsessed folks who are constantly talking diets or exercise regimes. Perhaps it’s those who insist on only posting picture perfect images from the highlight reel of their lives. Maybe it’s just someone who always seems to be focusing on the negatives. You don’t need that. Any of that. Fill your feeds and timeline with people and things that inspire you.

Find your natural high – and do more of that

Do you have that one thing that makes you feel alive? The thing that sets your soul on fire. A hobby, a skill, a pastime…. whatever it may be, this is where we need to banking our hours. For me it’s a few things. Photography primarily. It’s not just my job, it’s my passion and doing it makes me feel all tingly to the tips of my toes.

In 2018 I also re-discovered my love of the written word and therefore I’m planning to set aside more time to just sit and read in 2019. In fact I’m attempting to read 52 books in total, yep… a book a week. It’s not really about the number of course. It’s actually just about prioritising self care and making more time for me. Fancy taking on your own reading challenge? Hop over to The Master List of Reading Challenges where there are an abundance. All I can say is good luck choosing.

For my physical and mental wellbeing, I’m getting back in to yoga and learning more about mediation. All good things, for body and soul. But no pressure, no time lines, no “must be this by then.” Just re-devoting time to something I enjoy doing and something that will help me to grow.

Love the body you’re in – right now

Not half a stone lighter, not cleansed, not detoxed – but right now. Your body allows you to do so many incredible things. It’s the only home you’ll ever truly have. Every scar, every freckle, every dimple – it makes you you. You were born a blank canvas and now your body tells your own unique story. That’s so beautiful when you think about it. You deserve to care for you now. And yes, health is important. I’m not saying don’t try to be healthier. But realise that making healthy decisions for our bodies is actually kindness. We can do what’s best for our general well-being through being kind and gentle with ourselves.

I’ve previously written about the “Body Neutrality” movement and in 2019 that’s where I will be attempting to root my body image focus. This body, the one I have inflicted so much upon, is carrying me in to another new year. It deserves to be celebrated for that alone. I owe it this change, this chance, to just appreciate it for all it does. I encourage you all to do the same, to take this idea that “how a body looks is the most important thing” and to tackle it head on. Nothing but good can come from this.

Be Thankful

Have we been conditioned to be serial complainers? Whether it’s that we hate our jobs. We don’t make enough money, aren’t pretty/handsome enough, don’t have the perfect body. Our family drive us nuts. We can’t get a decent match on Tinder? It’s the sad but honest truth that we often tend to focus on the negatives in our lives. And whilst wallowing in our woes it’s so very easy to forget just how many wonderful things we have. It’s a proven fact that practicing gratitude has many health benefits; both psychologically and physicallyGrateful people sleep better, grateful people have reduced levels of toxic emotions, grateful people experience fewer aches and pains. You can find out more about the science behind these benefits in this Psychology Today UK article.

So how do we start? There are no rules. Perhaps you just have a gratitude journal where you write down something you’re thankful for each day. Maybe it’s that you practice mindfulness. You could choose one day of the week to not complain about anything. You could focus on expressing thanks for the little things that people do, whether that’s family, friends or the barista who serves you your coffee. Quite simply, you could smile more. There are many ways to start filtering more gratitude in to your life and it can really only have a positive impact.

So to summarise. New Year’s Resolutions don’t have to be these huge, restrictive, unrealistic goals. You don’t need to change the very essence of who you are to have a better 2019. Step away from the “New Year, New You” propaganda and focus only on goal setting. On welcoming things in to your life that will simply bring joy, not envy, not self hatred, not punishments, not comparisons or the sense of failure. Spend time with the people who matter. Forgive those who have hurt you. Go easy on yourself and carve out the time to pursue your passions. And be the example. Show others that there’s another option. That there can be a “new year, new you loving you.”

Wishing you all a most wonderful 2019 of being the incredible, imperfect you.

Beth Anne xoxo


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