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Christmas thoughts anyone? Is it actually all fun and food and family!!

Am sure most of us dread moments like this😧

So, Christmas has come and gone but for some this Christmas has left them even worse off than before. Am sure we’re all thinking 🤔 that’s impossible right? After all Christmas is a time of fun,family and food ,let’s not forget the drinks 🍸as well. It’s a time most of us dedicate to loved ones both family and friends alike. But then for some Christmas tends to leave a bitter taste in their mouth that will most probably last till the next 365days of the new year.

Now here is a scenario you might be familiar with, there’s a variety of food and drinks and you’re ready to dig in and just have a good time, but a discussion comes up about what everyone has been up to during the year.

1.Your brother just graduated or ended the semester with amazing grades.

2.Sister has probably got a new job and she is receiving cool cash.

3. Cousin just did her engagement and looking forward to his/her wedding.

4. Your aunt is having a baby but then another of your cousin just bought a new car and just moved into a new apartment.

Everyone is so busy narrating how much fun they have had ,how much they have grown, the numerous wonderful expectations of the next year, but no one notices YOU who hasn’t made any contributions so far.

What you might be thinking of!!

If your thoughts are influenced by the achievements or the perception of others about you ,then the problem isn’t them but rather your lack of appreciation for your own achievements. No matter how small they might be.


The thought of the different scars littering your body from all the cuts you’ve inflicted, all the time you’ve thought of ending it all(maybe it’ll be better that way), you think back on the job(s) lost, the failing grades,the poor academic results, the lack of promotion at work, the broken hearts, the inability to pay rent or even buy fuel for your car(if you bought one), the divorce, the abuse and victimization.

After cracking your brain a little bit you still cannot think of anything which you should be proud of except of course still been alive counts as an achievement. Thinking to the depression you’ve fought with throughout the year, you look back to the amount of friends you’ve lost during the year, the betrayals you’ve felt and have been subjected to during the year , the loved ones you’ve lost during the year with or without an opportunity to say goodbye.

All these weighs deep on your heart. Looking around the room you see the smiles on everyone’s face,the joy they all exude as they chit chat during the meal of their “dream perfect life”. What else can you do ,but to put up a strong front and join in, you laugh louder than everyone else in the room, you chip in here and there in each discussion.

You just don’t want to ruin a perfect celebration with tour imperfect life. But then, I am here to let you know that those perceived imperfections, those awful events, those hurtful events all these summed together proves that more than anyone witted in that room you’re a survivor, you must not have it all together.

It’s ok to be confused, out of sorts, abnormal, depressed, sad,anxious and just weighed down. But it’s how to take charge of this situation and turn it into something positive, all this negative events should serve as a driving force to push you to greater heights and greater thoughts. It’s when faced with challenges we are able to tap into our own intelligence and bring forth solutions we never imagined possible.

Instead of sitting on that table feeling bad and all gloomy, refuse to be weighed down by other people’s reality, no need to put up a facade to please or fit into societal or family standards, it might not be easy but then trying to be what you’re not does greater harm than good .

The fact remains that you’re not like the facade you put up, you are unique and you need to tap into your potential and rise up and roar like a lion that you’re and refuse to sit back and watch life move you but rather begin to move life itself ,begin to move in the strength of your vision and potential.

So hey ,the Christmas thought of 2018, don’t always move in the direction life pulls you into ,but rather fight through it and create your own direction and ultimate destination. You have one life to live,don’t live it in facade. Go out get that degree, quit that job you don’t like and go apply for your dream job, don’t lower your standards for anyone they either meet up or step off. 2019 is here and I really do care, I refuse to limit myself or my abilities.

I choose ; to take care of mental health and protect my peace and happiness above all things, to surround myself with people and things that seek to bring out only the best in me without the negative pressure.

I choose ; to not be too hard on myself , to push myself to the limit of my greatness but not push myself beyond my limits both emotionally and physically, to not limit myself to societal standards but to rise above all of that to prove that of a fact been different is the new cool❤

❤ I hope this helps you through the new year.

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